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SPL breaks 10-million fans barrier in 9 seasons

Saudi Professional League set new record after reaching ten millions fans since 2010-2011 season, the third SPL season which witnessed the start of the era of collecting data of the attendance figures, these figures come according to ( records and statistics.
10005591 fans attended 1657 games during the period from August 14th 2010, when Al-Fateh face Al-Qadsya in AL-Ahsa in first game of 2010-2011 season, at Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium, until the fourth of April 2019, when Al-Raed faced Al-Nasr at King Abdalla Sport City Stadium, in Buraidah.
Prince Mohamed Bin Salman League 2018-2019 season is the season with the highest attendance figures with the attendance of 1705318 fans in 208 matches, breaking the record of 2014/2015 which saw the attendance of 1664652 fans.
The first million came in the fourth SPL edition (2011-2012), while the second million came in the 5th edition (2012-2013), then the fifth and the sixth in 2015-2016 season, the 8th million in the last season and finally the current edition which saw the ninth and the tenth millions.